Why YOUR support matters

On May 1-2, 2018 Children’s Guardian Fund participated in a community wide event called the Giving Challenge.  Through this collaborative effort, we raised $27,483 during the 24-hour period.  $14,690 of that money came from 171 individual donations like you, while the rest was made up by matching funds from the Patterson Foundation.

Support from existing and new donors allowed us to take a step back and examine what needs were not being met.  We had been providing clothing to children in very limited situations and knew that there was a need for this type of support.  Rather than doing one-off purchases, we decided to take the funds we had raised during the Giving Challenge and direct them towards launching a pilot project to provide each school-aged child in relative and non-relative care with back-to-school clothing funds.

What felt like a brave step at the time, has snowballed into a response from our donors that we could not have foreseen.  We are now planning for the 3rd year of back-to-school clothing support this summer.  Thank you for being part of this amazing success story!

As our community faces unforeseen challenges, yet again, we ask that you consider supporting the Children’s Guardian Fund during the 2020 Giving Challenge.  We are monitoring the needs of our children and their families closely and are beginning to see a pattern of needs emerge as families lose their already limited incomes and struggle to provide for the children in their care.

We have been providing beds, purchasing baby formula and diapers, and continuing to support weekly tutoring sessions which are now happening by video conference.  We are bracing for more needs in the coming months.

The 2020 Giving Challenge is coming up on April 28-29 noon-noon.  We hope that you will once again join us in this movement of generosity and be the one to help us say “YES” to the unmet needs of the 1,400 local children in foster and state care.

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