What People Are Saying

Child Advocates

Many people spend their lives striving to make an impact through success in business, sports or personal achievement. I have found that making a difference in someone else’s life, especially a child in need, is impact that really matters. It can truly change the course of a child’s future and of those around them for generations to come.
~ Lynn I.

I love my work as a GAL. It can be sad and frustrating at times, and it can also be very rewarding when you see the results of the advocacy we do for our children in difficult situations. We look at the bigger picture and involve the family, schools, and many community resources to help our children return to a safer and stable path.
~ Gina K.

I cannot exaggerate the thrill of seeing a case through to a happy conclusion, such as adoption or a reuniting with birth parents after they successfully work through a case plan. I am almost 85 years old, and I have finally found the most rewarding, frustrating and fulfilling vocation of my life. I am a Guardian ad Litem—that is who I am.
~ Bill B.

As a Guardian ad Litem, I have a unique role in a child’s case serving as the eyes and ears of the judge and the special voice for the child. I do other volunteer work in my community but this program really has my heart. No where else do my efforts have the opportunity of truly changing the lives of our most vulnerable children.
~ Sandy M.

I just got reimbursed for the girls’ camp! I can’t believe how quickly it was done. Please send my thanks to everyone involved in getting this funded and getting it done so quickly. I think it truly shows where your heart is when you’re willing to “put your money where your mouth is!” The girls had a fabulous time.
~ Cathy D.

Brothers went to the camp for a week, and had a great time……enjoyed go carts, swimming, crab soccer, obstacle course, and learning about God….., thanks to the donors, and the wonderful people at the Fund. Thanks for what you do every day, for these children, to make their life a little happier and normal.
~ Dick H. 

The Children Themselves

“My wish came true. I bought a dress and had the right shoes, good hairstyle and matching earrings to attend my 8th grade dance. If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t think I would have had such a great opportunity in my life as a teenager.”
– Girl living in a shelter and then placed in a foster home after her biological mother died of a drugoverdose

“My new bike is awesome and it’s Spiderman. My helmet is spikey green and yellow. The best thing about my birthday was my bike. And cake.”
– Five-year-old boy in foster care

“Thanks for the academic letter and check. Thank you for everything. I do plan on going to college.
– Former participant in CGF’s Next Step program who just finished her first year of college