Pre-K Clothing

Guardian ad Litem request for Pre-K Clothing Assistance

The Children’s Guardian Fund has had a generous donor designate funds to provide a $100 Target or Walmart gift card for children age 3 and age 4 in relative or non-relative care who need uniforms, clothes, shoes, etc. to attend a pre-K program.

These funds are to be used only for Pre-K students and only for children placed in relative care or with non-relative caregivers** AND who have an assigned VCA (Volunteer Child Advocate). This program is not for children living in licensed foster care placements and group homes, please do not request funds for those children.

If you are requesting for more than 1 child in the same placement please list all children on one request form, do not fill out separate forms. In order to ensure funds are spent on intended use, the gift cards will be mailed to the assigned VCA only.

  • This is your mailing label. Please be sure name and complete address, including zip code, are correct.
  • please select one of the options below
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks to process your request. This request will be forwarded to your CAM for approval.