Potluck for a cause

Who knew that getting together with your friends could turn into big-time philanthropy? And yet, this is exactly what The River Wilderness Party Girls discovered when they asked themselves, “how can we make a difference while having fun?” The group was already gathering monthly for various activities, and they decided to charge a small fee to attendees while the hostess covered the cost of the gathering. The generous River Wilderness residents appreciated knowing that funds were going to local causes vetted by the planning committee. The hostesses felt inspired to make their events extra special, knowing that they were contributing to something great at the end of the day.

The River Wilderness Party Girls had been in existence for several years, and at the end of 2020, the planning committee approached the Children’s Guardian Fund as a potential recipient of their 2021 fundraising efforts. With COVID restrictions still preventing some in-person activities, the group estimated they would be able to raise $5,000 for our local children in foster and state care. The group more than doubled its original goal, raising $11,736 for the Children’s Guardian Fund!

It is incredible what can be accomplished with a bit of organization and a lot of love for our community. We are so grateful to the organizing committee and all of the “party girls” who made this wonderful gift possible.

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