New Program Coordinator at CGF!

Jan Vestal, former Child Advocate Coordinator and Teen Independent Living Specialist for the 12thJudicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program has joined the CGF staff as the new Program Director of Next Step/The Hub

Earlier this year, CGF developed the outline of a ground-breaking pilot program designed to help children in state care break the cycle of academic failure allowing them more success in their adult lives.  We already knew that children in state care suffer academically not only because of the stress of their situation but also because of the frequent moves to which they are subjected. We saw a way to improve outcomes by taking advantage of the 12th Circuit’s many not-for-profit organizations already dedicated to the welfare of children.

Jan has now been hired to fill the position of Next Step/Hub Program Director.  She comes to us with a deep working knowledge of the resources potentially available to children in care, and especially the under-utilized programs designed to assist teens who are struggling with both life and school work.

Volunteer GALs who have been assigned cases with children who could benefit from extra tutoring, access to structured after-school programs, or any other academic-related services, are encouraged to find out what might be available by contacting Jan directly at 941-323-9089, or by email at

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