Helping Our Kids Soar inspires attendees to give back

The speakers at the annual Children’s Guardian Fund Fall Luncheon led many guests to open their hearts and their wallets.

by: Niki Kottmann Black Tie Reporter

It’s a rare experience, watching a room of a few hundred people sit completely silent as they attentively listen to the speaker before them. However, when the story is about a child whose mother tried to kill her, the subject matter alone is enough of a reason to listen.

Several speakers produced this effect at the annual “Helping Our Kids Soar” Children’s Guardian Fund Fall Luncheon at Michael’s On East on Monday, Nov. 14. Attendees were given the opportunity to hear from foster parents, Guardian ad Litems and a past foster child, all of whom inspired many to wave their donation envelopes in the air for collection at the end of the event. Attendees already supported the organization by purchasing their ticket to the luncheon and purchasing raffle tickets at the event, but many were so moved by the stories of resilience in the face of adversity that they chose to donate even more.

Click here to see photos taken by the Observer photographer at this event.

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