Wendy Cox is an attorney licensed in the State of Florida.  In 2006, Wendy moved from her home state of Minnesota where she was a practicing trial lawyer focusing on insurance litigation.  After moving to Florida, she became aware of the challenges that many of our youth face growing up in foster care and so trained to become a Guardian ad Litem.  She took a special interest in representing older foster kids as they are being prepared to leave foster care and begin their lives as young adults.  After representing several youth in that capacity, she took the Florida bar exam to become an Attorney ad Litem so that she could represent youth in dependency court on a pro-bono basis.  During that time, she learned about the Children’s Guardian Fund and first served on their board from 2012 – 2016 and then served on the advisory board from 2017 – 2019. She returned to the board in 2020.  During the past twenty years, Wendy has also developed an expertise in fundraising within the nonprofit sector. She has worked for several global nonprofits including Opportunity International and World Vision, where she created and implemented strategies to enhance donor engagement.  When not advocating for youth in the foster care system, Wendy teaches yoga and enjoys salt water fly-fishing with her husband of 35 years.