Marlis Carter started her career as a science teacher in a parochial girl’s high school in the Bronx, NY. After moving to Washington, DC in 1998, she was elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner serving as the liaison between her DC neighborhood and City Government. For many years she also was head of development for the restoration of a two-acre, urban neighborhood park. In addition, she served as a site coordinator for College Bound, a mentoring and tutoring program in DC, at one of the three sites offered to high school students in the city. This led her to earn a Master’s in School Counseling and then to working full time as a School Counselor at a High School for 10 years. Eventually, she became head of the Counseling department for the last three years before retirement.

Since moving to Longboat Key, she has been involved with various non-profit organizations and community groups. She has been serving as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer in the 12th Judicial Circuit since 2019.