Charles Davenport

Dr. Davenport practices as a Licensed Psychologist in Venice, Florida. He treats couples and individuals of all ages dealing with depression, anxiety, communication, and relationship problems. His therapeutic approach integrates psychodynamic and interpersonal theories to help patients find change and relief. Dr. Davenport works collaboratively with patients to help them overcome emotional and psychological issues that are causing unhappiness in their lives.

Another area of interest for Dr. Davenport is working with people who are Gifted and/or Learning Disabled.

Dr. Davenport offers a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to help patients gain insight and perspective about issues that may seem stressful, overwhelming, or even hopeless.

He strongly believes that working with people in an environment that is supportive of their unique needs and values will enable them to thrive and live life to their fullest potential. Change is possible.

Through a trusting relationship we can work to better understand you and the difficulties in your life allowing healing, change, and forward progress.