The Challenge

Every day in our community, a child is removed from an abusive or neglectful family and placed in the state’s care. Such children face great challenges and have needs that cannot be met through the state. The Children’s Guardian Fund (CGF) and the Guardian ad Litem  Program (GALP) work together to ensure that young people who do not have the support of their parents at least have the support of their community. Our gifts to them—from gift cards for their birthdays, to camp scholarships, to academic awards recognizing their achievements—help them develop a sense of normalcy and self-worth.

To meet the ever-growing health, educational and social needs of children in state care, CGF is working to increase both fundraising and the number of volunteer GAL child advocates so that all children are given a voice and an opportunity to change their lives. We are also exploring ways to cooperate with other organizations serving the needs of underprivileged and at-risk children to leverage our impact.