Meet Our Board

Our Board of Directors consists of 13 community leaders, all dedicated to making sure that children in foster care get the services they need to have safe and fulfilling lives. Several board members are or have served as Guardians ad Litem, advocating for children in court, with their families and in their schools.


Board of Directors

Carol Belmont

Tresa Zumsteg

Tresa Zumsteg

Vice President

Bo Brault


Tina Mroczkowski

Jeremy Carter

Jeremy Carter

Cynthia Craig

Barbara Dittmann

Emily Garriott

Kim Macaulay


Clare Murphy

Mary Ann Sharp

Connie Shingledecker

Connie Shingledecker

Barry Wells



Advisory Board

Robert Bernhard

Jasmine Candlish

Wendy Cox

Larry Eger

Betty Ewing

Nancy Feehan

G.E. “Mike” Michalson

Neil Phillips

Alan Quinby

Mark Sharff

Judy Sharple

Carol Siegler